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Ukraine Pet Aid

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We were recently asked by one of our customers if we could organise the transport of ‘Pet Aid’ for displaced pets coming out of Ukraine into Poland.


Items donated included dog & cat beds, blankets, carriers, litter trays, towels, toys and food. A total of 8 x Pallets, 1700 kgs. Considerations had to include customs controls and especially the animal-based food products involved.

Excited to be a part of the project, we offered to co-fund all costs and long story short, achieved delivery from enquiry to offload, in an impressive 5 days!

We’re really proud of our achievement!

And then, a few weeks later we got an update – and a thank you – and it’s absolutely worth sharing.

“Martin and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for arranging for our pet supplies, suitcases and toys to get to the refugee centre on the border.

Everyone played such a critical role in this, from the lovely driver (Sebastian) from Simpex who picked up the items from the container; to the amazing people who palletised and shrink-wrapped everything before loading the lorry. Simpex then arranged for everything to be delivered to the refugee centre where it was unloaded.

The centre now has enough pet supplies to last them until the year end and hundreds of suitcases/rucksacks. We must have given out at least 50 suitcases to those most in need. This is the second time we have been to the refugee centre. This time we found that more people were coming through with disabilities and illnesses. We met a lovely lady with cancer who had a big smile when we gave her a suitcase. We plan to keep in touch and see what we can do to help with her treatment. Another chap with a heart condition who couldn’t be happier with his new large rucksack. As we found last time, there’s always one story that touches our hearts.

We met a lovely brother and sister who had arrived at the refugee centre having spent 36 hours travelling across Ukraine. They had their disabled mother with them who also had dementia and a severely disabled father. They also had a dog and cat as well as all their belongings in plastic bags. We were able to find a new wheelchair for them when the previous one broke, and also gave them five suitcases and rucksacks. Finally, a case full of dog and cat supplies. We were able to help them to the railway station where they were boarding a train to Hanover (16 hours) and then transport to the Netherlands where they were starting their new life. They showed us pictures of their home, which had been locked up and left. Never to know if they will ever return and even if they did we were hearing stories of the Russians ransacking the homes.

We have kept in touch with this wonderful family and promised to do whatever we can to help. We will drive out there shortly with a car full of supplies for them and we are even making plans for the brother to come and stay with us (Homes for Ukraine) so that he can earn money for the family. A friend is offering the brother work in our village.

I just wanted to share this story with you, so that you can see the huge difference you have made to these amazing people. Thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you and through your support we have jointly changed the lives of hundreds if not thousands of refugees.

Thank you