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Moldovan delivery success at last!

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During a recent phone call with our customer, a conversation began about the difficulties they were facing moving a particular consignment into Moldova.

This client predominantly moves all their cargo via airfreight, however the cargo had been refused by the airlines due to the height, so an alternative option was being sought – unsuccessfully at that point – by road.

We were informed that the goods had previously been collected for road transport by a large international carrier who delivered them into their Romanian hub. Due to complications with customs the carrier had failed to get them delivered into Moldova and ended up returning them to the UK.

The cargo was a charitable donation of ultrasound machines made to a hospital which our client was desperate to get delivered as soon as possible following the frustrating delay to that point.

Always looking to solve problems, this made us even more determined, given the nature of the cargo, and the fact someone else had let the client down.

Having a multilingual team often comes in useful and this was certainly one of those occasions. We were able to talk to a local agent along with customs in Moldova to check the customs processes we needed to follow, and, specifically with this being a charitable donation, whether special consideration would be needed.

Using our sister company Samphire Cargo Ltd Cargo in Dover, we raised the export declaration and T1 and shipped with a dedicated van, keeping the client informed of the progress throughout.

The driver patiently endured a 5-hour queue at the Romanian-Moldovan border and followed our customs instructions to the letter, ending with a successful delivery and a very happy customer.

“Simpex delivered when it seemed impossible to even the biggest of transport companies. The service all of your colleagues provided was excellent to say the least.
Without them I don’t think the hospital would have got their Ultrasound machines. If I get anything else, I will be sure to contact you.”
Jackie – Customer

“It’s particularly satisfying knowing that we could help our customer transport these machines when everyone else was unable…and even more so with them being ultrasound machines for a hospital. I think it’s a great example of our ‘can-do’ attitude and our intelligence when it comes to solving problems ”.
Ben Sheldon – Operations and Customs Supervisor